Sports facilities targeted by intervention

New sound system at the Athletics Track and waterproofing works at the Moreira Pool

The Gémeos Castro Athletics Track and the Moreira Swimming Pools will be the target of two important interventions by the Guimarães City Council that will add value to the two important sports facilities managed by Tempo Livre. A new sound system will be installed on the athletics track, while the Moreira pool will be waterproofed.

New sound system on the Athletics Track

At the request of Tempo Livre, the City Council will start the installation of a sound system next week at the Gémeos Castro Athletics Track.

This equipment, essential to support the athletics, rugby and football competitions that take place there, involves an investment in the order of 12.500 euros.

This intervention adds value to the Runway, after other interventions made recently by the Tempo Livre and by the City Council, such as the segregation of benches, the creation of a VIP gallery and technical support areas, the construction of a television broadcast tower and the creation of an indoor car park reserved for teams, official entities and medical assistance /SOS.

A new area is planned to be placed on the bench soon to support the secretariat and photo finish (athletics), as well as the placement of an electronic information panel.
Waterproofing works in the Moreira de Cónegos pool

Also next week, an important intervention will begin in the Municipal Swimming Pool Complex of Moreira de Cónegos, removing the existing waterproofing system on the roof, which is already very obsolete and very degraded, which will be replaced by a new waterproofing and the respective covering.
This long-awaited intervention will prevent the discomfort caused by recurrent infiltrations, which often led to the temporary closure of this sports facility.

This operation involves an investment of 106 thousand euros and the execution period of the work is 60 days.

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