In carrying out its mission to promote physical activity and sport for all, the Tempo Livre has developed a vast activity and implemented services that have made it a national and international reference. The results of this work provide the Tempo Livre an active presence in the European networks of the sport for all movement.

To fulfill its mission, the TEMPO LIVRE it currently has a technical staff composed of a total of 89 people, including sports managers, project managers, physical education teachers, coaches, administrative staff, technicians, logistics and maintenance staff.

For more than 20 years, the daily work of Tempo Livre is consigned to the democratization of sport in Guimarães. This trajectory accompanied public investment in sports facilities that contributed, on the one hand, to the introduction of sport in the community's leisure and, on the other hand, to the promotion of sport and more competitive sporting practice.

Following the guidelines issued by the municipality regarding the implementation of the municipal sports policy, TEMPO LIVRE applies best practices for the management of sports facilities, develops and implements activities and programs to promote physical activity and sport for all, as well as promotes sport initiation by supporting innovative projects.

A TEMPO LIVRE is proud to function as an incubator for new sports. It is an example of success in the support given to informal groups that have become clubs whose practitioners in a few years have achieved a prominent place in national and international competitions. An example of this good practice are the modalities of rugby, figure skating, korfball, speedminton and women's futsal.

With the conquest, in 2013, of the title of European City of Sport, Guimarães became the first Portuguese city to receive this award and to implement a program of activities, of national and international dimension, throughout that year. The entire organization and implementation of the program was attributed to TEMPO LIVRE.

With the creation of the five programming axes of CED2013 - "Sports and Culture", "Training and Qualification", "Sports Events", "Sports for All" and "Research and Knowledge" - the foundations for new projects, activities were laid and services. 

This process culminated with the creation of the Sport Studies Center (CEDG), the promotion of sports initiation programs for school-age children (with the Descolar program), the implementation of activities for seniors (the Vida Feliz program), without forgetting audiences that require specific support.

These and other programs and projects have led to Tempo Livre to the international network. In the last decade, Tempo Livre was involved with European projects and partners who, recognizing the value of the work developed in Guimarães, place the Tempo Livre as an essential partner in the different working groups.


Sports Services

  • Peel off - 1st cycle inter-school sports and playful competition
  • Vida Feliz - Active aging program for people over 55
  • Mini-Olympics - playful and sporting competition for children up to 5 years
  • AEC / AAAF / CAF - Coordination of Curriculum Enrichment Projects in Primary Schools and Kindergartens in the municipality of Guimarães
  • Agym - Physical activity classes for adults developed in the Inatel Pavilion (Almor Vaz) and in the parish of Infantas (2 groups)
  • Sports bellies - Physical activity program for pregnant women, guided by specialized technicians. At the Multiusos de Guimarães and the Complexo de Piscinas you can find an answer to your needs.
  • Sports Holidays - Municipal program of reference for the occupation of free time for your student. Addressing the theme of physical activity, from 09:00 am to 18:00 pm, occupy your child with the best of sport and leisure activities during your day. More active and happier children.


International Network

Participation of Tempo Livre in projects, programs and meetings with European partners:

  • Active Wellbeing / Global Active City - Introductory Workshop - Liverpool (March 2018).  
  • PACTE Project - Active Cities, Active Education, Active Workplaces, Active Mobility - Berlin, Liverpool, Brussels (2018, 2019)
  • REWISE - Project co-financed by the European Union for the training of people with disabilities in sport. (September 2018).
  • ENSE Forum 2019 - 15th European Sport and Education Network Forum - Vienna (September 2019)
  • SWUP - Sport for Women in Urban Places - Project co-financed by the European Union Erasmus + Program (January 2018 to June 2019)
  • Start to Talk - participation in the campaign promoted by the European Union against sexual harassment in sport with the organization of a seminar with the support of the IPDJ (February 2020)
  • SPACHE - Sport and Physical Activity in Cultural Heritage Environments - project co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus + Program, coordinated by the Tempo Livre (January 2021 to June 2023)


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