European Commission approves project Tempo Livre

SPACHE Project - Sport and Physical Activity in Environments with Cultural Heritage involves six countries of the European Union.

A Tempo Livre saw an application by the European Commission approved for the Erasmus + Sport program with the SPACHE project (an acronym that means Sport and Physical Activity in Cultural Heritage Environments) which aims to increase the sporting and physical activity of citizens by taking advantage of cultural heritage resources.

The consortium will be coordinated by Tempo Livre (Portugal) whose mission is to implement the project. SPACHE involves six countries in the European Union - Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovenia represented by nine entities - the Tempo Livre, who coordinates the project (Portugal) and the other collaborative partners: Guimarães City Hall (Portugal), Comune de Gargnano (Italy), Alto Garda Volleyball (Italy), IRS- Institute for Social Research (Italy), Olympic Committee of Slovenia –Association of Sports Federations OCS-ASF (Slovenia), Tafisa - The Association For International Sport for All (Germany), Sport Fryslân (Netherlands) and the association Sport et Citoyenneté (France).

In addition to promoting physical activity, the SPACHE project also aims to strengthen cultural participation, the feeling of local and European identity, and promote active and sustainable mobility.

The partner entities that are part of SPACHE have recognized work in the field of sport, promotion of physical activity, culture and heritage, in addition to a long experience in the management of public policies and social research.

Cultural heritage as a lever to enhance sport and physical activity is the starting point of SPACHE. The consortium will carry out research in partner countries with a view to presenting an action model and good practices. Based on the conclusions of the study, and through participatory processes, the project partners will design and implement four pilot programs in four of the participating countries (Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, the Netherlands).

The pilot programs provide for actions focusing on cultural heritage as a territory for new uses such as regular non-competitive physical and sporting activities, including, among others, guided hikes on historical routes or gymnastics in cultural spaces.


SPACHE will assess the social impacts of the pilot programs and, based on knowledge acquired throughout the project, partners will create educational modules (for example, workshops, webinars) and operational tools, such as manuals (for training instructors, teachers, guides). These supports will be widely disseminated, in order to raise the awareness of the community and policy makers, in Europe and in each of the partner countries, so that they consider cultural and historical heritage as a territory where physical activity and sport for all and non-competitive can also develop.

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