Sport in environments with cultural heritage

Innovative project started in Guimarães and involves six European countries. Objective: to promote physical activity and cultural identity.

The first meeting of the European project consortium SPACHE - Sport and Physical Activity in Cultural Heritage Environments, coordinated by Tempo Livre and co-financed by the European Commission took place this Tuesday (2 February). The meeting, which had to take place online due to the pandemic, was attended by 30 representatives of the different partners that are part of the project.

The consortium, in which the Guimarães City Council also participates, involves nine organizations and municipalities with extensive experience in promoting physical activity and sport for all, representing Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia.

In addition to encouraging physical activity and sport in contexts of historical heritage, the project SPACHE it also aims to strengthen cultural participation, the feeling of local and European identity, and promote active and sustainable mobility.
The activities foreseen in the work plan contemplate four distinct axes. In a first phase, the state of the art around the use of cultural heritage will be identified as a lever for the promotion of physical activity and sport. The bibliographic review is accompanied by a survey of good practices that already combine the two components - heritage and sport.

Four pilot programs will also be implemented, one of them in Guimarães, and a survey will be carried out to assess the social impact of the pilot programs, meanwhile, implemented.

Sport, culture, tourism, sustainable mobility make up the framework of concepts to be explored throughout the project, which is expected to last 30 months. During this period, around 30 activities will be held, which will converge for the production of content, catalogs of good practices, guides and manuals, as well as educational content, six national and international conferences and seminars and six transnational meetings.
Project management and coordination is the responsibility of the Tempo Livre.

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