The medical examination is an essential tool to assess the aptitude or inability of athletes to practice sports, representing an important means of screening for certain pathologies or clinical situations.

The protocol of the Sports Medical Examination held at the Sports Medicine Center of Guimarães is the one established by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) and includes the following parameters:

• Nursing Consultation(Biometric, Ophthalmological Examination and Electrocardiogram) 

• Medical consultation(Evaluation of family and sporting history, Ectoscopic examination, abdomen, cardio-circulatory and respiratory). Prescription of complementary diagnostic tests by the NHS or other subsystem that the user had. 

Within the scope of the sports medical examination, for the diagnostic tests that need to be carried out, the necessary documentation will be issued at the Sports Medicine Center of Guimarães, under an agreement with the Regional Health Administration.
The sports medical examination process for athletes is carried out according to the following priorities: Amateur federated sports, including athletes registered by the clubs in the Guimarães Popular Football Association, School Sports and Informal Sports.

At the first consultation, users are advised to provide recent diagnostic tests and other clinical information deemed relevant.


Those interested in the services of the Sports Medicine Center of Guimarães can make an appointment in advance by contacting our services:

Preliminary note:

The user must be accompanied by the citizen card and the vaccination bulletin.

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