Preschool finalists compete in the 2021 Mini Olympics

The 2021 edition of the Mini Olympics starts on June 21 with news. For the first time, important Olympic sports will be discussed, such as swimming, athletics and gymnastics.

Around 200 children are expected to participate in representation of six institutions in Guimarães. The activities will take place at the Gémeos Castro Athletics Track, Swimming Pool Complex and Gymnastics Academy. The main objective of this initiative is to promote physical activity and sport among the little ones, within an Olympic environment.

The Mini Olympics are aimed at children aged 5/6 years who are completing their pre-school education. The "finalists" who are preparing to start a new phase in their school career by entering the 1st cycle of basic education are challenged to live a different and fun sporting experience.

Participants have the opportunity to experience motor experiences related to the skills that must be developed during preschool. At the same time, the event is intended to be a vehicle to encourage the practice of physical activity and raise awareness of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The idea of ​​holding this event was born in 2013, under the impetus of the organization of Guimarães European City of Sport - CED 2013 and since that date the number of participants has been growing, reaching a maximum of 700 children.

This event was interrupted in 2018 and resumed now in 2021, with 200 participants representing 7 educational institutions - Abação Schools Group, Nuno Simões Nursery, Nossa Senhora da Conceição College, Sagrado Coração de Maria Social Work, Center Social and Parish of S. Martinho de Candoso, House of the People of Creixomil and Children's Center of Pevidém.

All these institutions have already been present in previous editions of the event and decided, from the beginning, to integrate the resumption of this project, due to the identified need to combat the sedentary lifestyle to which children were exposed, during periods of confinement, and the foreseeable effects that this limitation caused its development.

This initiative by Tempo Livre, has the support of the Municipality of Guimarães, and is open to the participation of all pre-school education institutions that wish to be involved in the activity. The organization is in charge of the Sports Services of the Tempo Livre, who can be contacted to clarify doubts or for information regarding future events.


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