Guimarães Sports

Innovative project that Tempo Livre promotes in order to create a dynamic interface for aggregating data related to the universe of sports practice in the municipality of Guimarães.

Through this digital atlas, it is possible to discover, with a new perspective, the existing offer in the municipal territory in terms of sports facilities and modalities available to citizens, in a federated, amateur or informal sport regime.

Guimarães is a municipality marked by high standards of activity in the context of sports associations and its institutions, a factor that contributes to widening the scope of sports practice to a wider fringe of the population, attracting more and more athletes to different modalities and competitions and sensitize an increasing number of people to healthy lifestyle habits.

At Guimarães Esporte, relevant and sustained information is available in an updated and rigorous database, which is easy to consult and access for the user.

Sports practice is, in today's world, a citizen's right. It is up to the different entities to create the best conditions for this objective to be fulfilled. A well-defined planning will allow decision-makers to choose the best solutions within a framework of integrated and rational management of resources, resources and potential. This atlas is a contribution in this regard.

To access Guimarães Esporte: www.guimaraesdesporto.tempolivre.pt

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