Luccas Neto - Extra Session

Luccas Neto, one of the biggest Brazilian youtubers today with around 29 million followers and more than nine billion accumulated views reaches Portuguese stages.

Thank you to all Adventurers! The Guimarães show is  sold off. Let's open an extra session for everyone to watch this musical: September 04th, at 11 am at the Multiusos de Guimarães.

This is the new show, whose motto is the reinforcement and importance of unity, friendship and love, in a musical full of special effects, music and dance.

In this musical, “Luccas Neto and A Escola de Aventureiros”, children will discover what it takes to become real adventurers! 

To help the favorite seal, four new characters will be on stage: Rafa, Yuri, Mandy and Lais, who also dream of becoming great adventurers.

With the help of the Blue Adventurer, they will discover that, in order to accomplish this mission, it is necessary to go through several tasks! After all, you have to prove that you have a good heart and that you have to do good to conquer the stone of power.

In this great adventure, the villains will try to spoil the apprentices' plans, however our friends are committed to making their dreams come true. The saga also has more than special help from the audience, who should sing, dance and have fun to send good energy to Rafa, Yuri, Mandy, Lais and Luccas during the training!

A Musical for the whole family, on September 04th, at 11 am and 00 pm, at Multiusos de Guimarães.

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