More than a hundred people return to «Happy Life»

The physical activity program for seniors promoted by the Sports Services of the Tempo Livre, "Happy Life", was resumed on May 3 after a year and two months of suspension due to the pandemic.

The project's participants, more than a hundred people distributed by 9 local promoters, once again took advantage of the physical activity classes, with an enthusiasm reinforced by the experience and testimony of the importance attributed to the practice of regular physical exercise and the coexistence of which they were deprived. for more than a year.

The return was experienced with particular intensity and joy, by the participants, institutions and technical team of Tempo Livre. Classes take place in a safe environment, subject to the public health rules in force and with qualified professionals.

In this first phase of returning to activity, «Vida Feliz» is developing in the Union of Parishes of Atães and Rendufe, Union of Parishes of the City Center, Parish Council of Aldão, Os Mesmos, ADCL, Bom Fim Foundation, Lar São Jorge, Lar Santos Passos and the Brito Social Center.

In a second phase, the integration of more participants and local promoters is expected, with the objective to be achieved being to recover the initial group of users. Before the first confinement, «Vida Feliz» had over a thousand participants and was one of the programs most affected by the pandemic.

“We miss this project very much, not only physical activity, but also socializing. This period was very difficult for us and the only thing that I ask is that they do not give up on us, because we also will not give up belonging to this project ”.

Conceicao Ferreira

, user of Vida Feliz

“I already felt very rusty and despite being very active, in daily activities, I let myself get fat. The Happy Life Project and the physical activity classes were really missing me and I'm glad we resumed ”

Americo Ribeiro

, user of Vida Feliz

Despite the difficulties, the technical team maintained permanent contact, albeit at a distance, with institutions and people. The vaccination process, the strategies to combat the pandemic and individual security provide for a cautious but sustainable return. The interruption of the project highlighted difficulties, namely, of digital inclusion and interpersonal relationships, which the technical team, in close collaboration with the Institute of Research in Life and Health Sciences, of the University of Minho, will study with a view to developing responses that facilitate communication, the physical and psychological well-being of the population over 55 years old.

Those interested in joining this project, can contact the sports services of the Tempo Livre through email: servicosdesportivos@tempolivre.pt or contacting the services by phone: 253.

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