Athletics track with positive balance at the end of the sporting season

Despite the imposed rules that severely limited the practice of sports in the last year and a half, the Gémeos Castro Athletics Track will close its sports season with 47 days of use, a result that should be considered very positive.

Between August de 2020 e May of 2021 36 football matches were held (14 matches played by Vitória SC's U23 team, 12 B matches, 9 played by Berço SC and one match by Vitória SC's U19 team). Of these 36 games, 17 were broadcast on television, the majority provided by Channel 11.

In addition to football, other sports scored the season on the Track, with 7 athletics competitions (to which four more competitions are scheduled until the end of July) and 3 rugby matches were held, in a year in which the competition was practically stopped . They are, therefore, very positive results and the perspective for the next season is very encouraging.

The Gémeos Castro Athletics Track is today a very versatile installation, hosting official athletics, football and rugby competitions, meeting all the technical and sporting requirements that are essential for its realization.

Recently modernized, the Gémeos Castro Athletics Track is now equipped with benches with segregated areas for the public, press and guests area, new photofinish secretariat, sound installation throughout the bench, television transmission tower, electronic marker and private indoor parking. These investments, made by Tempo Livre and by the City Council, they also included deep interventions in the building itself, mainly in terms of the roof and its adequate waterproofing.

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