Recruitment of Physical and Sports Activity Technicians

The contest is open, until the day August 13, 2021, for the recruitment of Graduates in Physical Education or Sports Science, for the academic year 2021/2022, those interested with qualification should consult the regulations and complete the application form.

The hiring of graduates in Physical Education or Sports Science will be done through a Legal Employment Relationship at Fixed Term and at Part-Time for the development of physical and sports activities within the scope of the Curriculum Enrichment Activities (AEC) projects, Activities of Family Animation and Support (AAAF) and Family Support Component (CAF).

For the exercise of the functions covered by this competition, professional qualification or proper qualification for teaching the subject of Physical Education in the 1st cycle or a degree in the area of ​​Sports Science is required.

Interested parties must formalize their application by completing the mandatory registration form available. here.

Contest Phases
1st Phase: July 23rd to August 13th
Competition - Deadline for submission of applications 

2nd Phase: August 20th

Preparation and publication of the provisional ranking list and exclusion list of candidates by the Tempo Livre.

Provisional Ordering List 2021-2022

3rd Phase: August 21st to August 24th
Period for complaints and improvement of applications.

4nd Phase: August 27th
Preparation and publication of the final ranking list of candidates.

Final Order List 2021-2022


Regulationcheck here

Registrations: check here

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