SW-UP project meeting

Guimarães participates in a meeting of the European project Erasmus + Sport - SW-UP (Sport for Women in Urban Places)

A Tempo Livre and Guimarães City Hall will participate tomorrow (January 14) in a video conference meeting of the Erasmus + Sport - SW-UP (Sport for Women in Urban Places) project that will take place between 9 and 11 am.

Guimarães will be represented by the SW-UP work team and by three partner institutions (Cercigui, APCG and the Municipal Forum for People with Disabilities) and will present one of the themes discussed by the “Inclusive planning” working group centered mainly on question of accessibility to sports and leisure facilities and the sports offer for groups of citizens who are unsuitable or with special needs.

SW-UP (Sport for Women in Urban Places) is a project co-financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Union, and has the Municipality of Guimarães and the Tempo Livre as partner entities representing Portugal.

 The SW-UP project's mission is part of European policies to encourage female participation in sport and physical activity, and pays particular attention to the barriers that women face, particularly in urban environments and with a view to making them more accessible, safe and friendly to sports.

This project provides for sports events, seminars and awareness-raising lectures aimed at community involvement, social inclusion, equal opportunities and an awareness of the importance of physical activity in improving the health of all, particularly women. There will also be a joint event that will involve all SW-UP partners and a survey involving partner countries.

SW-UP Sport for Women in Urban Places has as partners the ALDA - European Association for Local Democracy (Strasbourg, France), the project's coordinating entity, the IRS- Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale (Milan, Italy), the City Council of Guimarães (Guimarães, Portugal), the Tempo Livre (Guimarães, Portugal), the Comune di Corbetta (Corbetta, Italy), the “Polisportiva Corbetta” association (Corbetta, Italy), the Ajuntament de Granollers (Granollers, Spain), the Mulier Instituut - Centrum Voor Sociaal-Wetens (Utrecht, Netherlands), the municipality of Ramnicu Sarat (Romania) and the city of Sofia - European Capital of Sport (Sofia, Bulgaria).

Recently Guimarães shared the projects of the Sports Talent Detection Center and the pioneering Municipal Plan for the Promotion of Physical Activity, Health and Quality of Life at the international meeting of the “SW-UP Sport for Women in Urban Places”.

The Guimarães projects, developed by the Guimarães City Council and the Tempo Livre, were highlighted in the newsletter of the European project SW-UP, which aims to encourage female participation in sport and physical activity.

It is recalled that Guimarães also participated in a SW-UP meeting in Romania, during which the Tempo Livre presented a pilot project that will be implemented in Guimarães between March 8 and April 7. Seeking to encourage sedentary women for the opportunity to improve their physical condition, health and well-being, with the simple regular practice of physical exercise, the Guimarães project is based on three actions: physical activity on Sunday mornings in four leisure parks in the city. city, four sessions for sharing life stories of active women and a walk.

The first training initiative to be carried out in 2020 by the CED-G will take place on February 12, at Multiusos de Guimarães and comes under the European campaign “Start to Talk” that aims to raise awareness of the sports movement to combat child sexual abuse and young people in the context of sport. The training is organized jointly with the IPDJ and registration (free) will be open soon.

In March, the third edition of the Training Course for Sport leaders takes place, following the success achieved with the first editions. This course has the mission to train sports agents with knowledge and information that contribute to an optimized performance of their sports club management functions. Theoretical lectures and practical sessions are provided by academics and specialists who ensure the quality of the training.

On the 7th of March, the XNUMXst Journeys of Physical Exercise and Health will take place in the Pre-Postpartum period, which aim to raise the awareness of women in the pre and postpartum phases to the benefits of physical exercise, as well as to make known the changes that occur in each of these phases, recognizing the different health care that they can and should adopt to improve their quality of life and well-being.

In April, the first edition of the Sports Communication Course will take place at Multiusos de Guimarães. This training aims to provide trainees with knowledge and skills transversal to the area of ​​communication in sport, which can be applied in the day-to-day communication management in a sports organization. For this month, a session of the cycle of conferences “Sport is a Serious Subject” is scheduled at CCVF.

The 5st Journeys of Active Aging - Vida Feliz will take place on May XNUMX and aim to provide an opportunity for training and sharing experiences between the entities that promote the Vida Feliz program, Physical Education and health technicians, other specialists and Happy Life users. This activity, promoted by Tempo Livre / CEDG and Programa Vida Feliz, with the collaboration of the ICVS of the University of Minho, which, on the occasion, will disclose some aspects of the study of senior quality of life that is being carried out in Guimarães.

In the second semester, the course “Injuries in sport: How to act ?,” aimed at sports technicians and health professionals will be reissued, and the training plan can be complemented with other initiatives.

It is recalled that CED-G (Sport Studies Center of Guimarães) of the Tempo Livre its mission is the qualification and training of local sports agents and the enrichment of the municipality's sports policy, based on training actions and studies on sports reality and the promotion of physical activity.

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