Operating outside the Swimming Pool Complex of Guimarães, Scorpio consists of two swimming pools (one for general use of 650 m² and one for babies), by Fantasilândia and Waterslide.

The construction of Scorpio resulted from a joint investment by Tempo Livre and the Guimarães City Hall, which made it possible to adapt an existing patio area in the Municipal Swimming Pool Complex in a pleasant park of animation and aquatic fun.
Inaugurated in the summer of 2003, Scorpio is confirmed as an important asset for the people of Guimarães, who are used to spending their holidays or leisure in that aquatic facility which, due to its location and diversity of equipment and services, is considered an option excellent for hot days.

A Tempo Livre has been investing every year in improving Scorpio conditions, both in terms of equipment and services, making Scorpio meet the expectations and needs of Guimarães and tourists who choose the outdoor swimming pools in Guimarães for their leisure moments .
In 2007, the solarium area was expanded by over a thousand square meters and later a playground for the youngest was installed, expanding the range of amusements inside the Scorpio.

fantasyland With approximately 350 m², where the Guimarães Castle is evoked and where children can enjoy various thematic equipment, such as: multitrack, slides, water fountains, animals, etc; In the water mirror of Fantasilândia, with an average depth of 0,60 meters, a huge leaning tower is installed, by analogy with the Guimarães Castle, and also the “SCORPIO”, which gives the name to the installation, and which consists of a tubular water slide 12 meters long, which surrounds the aforementioned tower, and two smaller slides located next to the head of the “SCORPIO”, into which it can slide.

Waterslide Composed by a slide "aquasplash" about 20 meters long, a starting platform with a height of six meters and with a reception tank with 54 m.


Every day, from June to September



Alameda dos Desportos Candoso

S. Tiago, 4835-235 Guimarães


253 423 200

Call to national fixed network


swimming pools@tempolivre.pt

Usage fees

Working days (June, July and September)

<2 years and Municipal Cards * price quotation
3 - 6 years (adult) 2,50€
7 - 12 years (adult) 3,50€
> 13 years 4,50 €

Weekends, holidays and August

<2 years and Municipal Cards * price quotation
3 - 6 years (adult) 3,00 €
7 - 12 years (adult) 4,50€
> 13 years 6,50€


Sun loungers 2,00€
Beach umbrellas 1,50€
Set 3,00€

Groups / Institutions

Full day - per person 1,50€
Half day (morning or afternoon) - per person 1,00€

Rates for groups/institutions will be applied to groups with more than 10 members representing a for-profit/non-profit entity, and are only valid in the months of June, July and September, during the week, and do not apply to weekends and holidays and August; the reservation request will have to be evaluated in terms of capacity availability, sent to the email swimming pools@tempolivre.pt and payment made on the same day or in advance using bank transfer or ATM reference options).


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