A Tempo Livre, through its Sport Studies Center, with the Caldas das Taipas Secondary School as a partner, organizes the “Seminar: The Role of Physical Education in Teaching” on April 6, 2022.

This Seminar, taking place on the World Physical Activity Day, will take place at the Caldas das Taipas Secondary School (Guimarães), between 9 am and 17 pm.

The aim of this event is to provoke a discussion and respective reflection on the role of Physical Education at the various levels of education, knowing the great challenge ahead to counter the growing trend of sedentary lifestyle in our society and motor illiteracy of our children and young people.

The seminar will feature conferences, presentation of good practices and even a roundtable with representatives of the educational community and policy makers.

Registration for the seminar is free, but limited to existing vacancies (until March 31) at: https://rb.gy/2oiajp

6 hours will be counted within the scope of Continuing Training for Teachers.


8:30 pm Reception to participants

9:00 am Opening session:

– Celso Lima – Director of the Secondary School of Caldas das Taipas
– Amadeu Portilha – President of the board of Tempo Livre
– Nelson Felgueiras – Sports Councilor of CM Guimarães

9:30 am Conference 1:

– Carlos Neto / The importance of Sport in Community Development

11:30 am Presentation of good practices:

– Physical Education at Alberto Sampaio Secondary School
– Olisípiadas Project and Program to Support Curricular Physical Education (CM Lisboa)
– Physical Activity 1st cycle (CM Torres Vedras)

12:30 pm Lunch

14:00 am Conference 2:

– José Pacheco / New social constructions of education

15:00 Round Table – Physical Education in Teaching:

– Adelina Paula Pinto – Councilor for Education at CM Guimarães
– Avelino Azevedo – President of CNAPEF
– Celso Lima – Director of the Secondary School of Caldas das Taipas
– João Martinho – Student at Caldas das Taipas Secondary School
– Jorge Ascensão – President of CONFAP

17:00 Closing

More information: cedg@tempolivre.pt |+253 520 300

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