SPACHE: Sport and Heritage - 2nd meeting takes place in Italy

The second meeting of the international consortium SPACHE – Sport and Physical Activity in Cultural Heritage Environments, coordinated by Tempo Livre through the CEDG (Sport Studies Center of Guimarães), it takes place this September in the city of Gargnano, Italy.

During three days, fundamental documents of the project will be discussed, namely the guidelines of the pilot programs and the action plans for the following months.

It should be remembered that, in the first phase of the project, good practices on the relationship between heritage and sport were identified and a review of the literature and state of the art on the subject was also carried out.

The SPACHE project aims to promote physical activity and sport using resources from the cultural and heritage environment as levers for people's involvement and participation.

The coordination is in charge of the Tempo Livre and involves the Municipality of Guimarães, and seven other partners from Germany, Slovenia, Italy, the Netherlands and France.

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