T-Gym: pilot project was a success

T-GYM is a new program that Tempo Livre will launch and which has as its basic concept the realization of Labor Gymnastics classes in companies in the region.


The year 2021 marked the start of the initiative with a pilot project, which had the invaluable collaboration of Vimágua and Lameirinho, companies with very different fields of activity in the municipality of Guimarães and whose collaboration in the initial phase was decisive for the improvement of the project .

These two companies constituted themselves as valuable partners in this test, which aimed to understand the difficulties and ease in implementing the original project, and which will allow, due to the outlined framework, the effective development of the practical program from October this year.

In the pilot phase, 44 weekly classes were held, which hosted a universe of more than two hundred workers, belonging to the various services of the two companies.

The benefits of Labor Gymnastics have long been proven and this new project by Tempo Livre it will certainly be an important ally of companies in promoting the health and well-being of their workers and in increasing productivity and motivation.

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