Guimarães started the project “Mulheres + Ativas”

Encouraging physical activity for women is one of the main objectives of the pilot program “Women + Active”, promoted by Tempo Livre and by the Guimarães City Council, within the scope of the European project SWUP - Sport for Women in Urban Places, co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus + Sport program and involving partners from France, Italy, Romania, Holland, Spain and Bulgaria.

The “Women + Active” program started on March 8 (International Women's Day) and runs until April 7 (International Health Day), the day on which the Health Walk will take place, with a concentration at 10 am together to the Gymnastics Academy of Guimarães.

On the International Women's Day, Rosa Maria Almeida, from Guimarães, participated in the workshop Women + Active and chronic diseases, held at Casa da Memória, sharing her life story in which physical activity is important not only in everyday life, but, above all, in fight against the disease.

On Sunday, the first session of “Gymnastics in the Park” was held in Parque da Cidade, providing several dozen participants with physical activity and health screenings (tests of AT, BMI, Cholesterol and Diabetes).

“Mulheres + Ativas” continues on March 15 with the workshop Mulheres + Ativas at the senior age (14:30 pm, at Casa da Memória) in which Isabel Lemos will give her testimony about the importance of physical and sporting activity for active aging and healthy. On March 17 (Sunday, 10 am), in Parque da Ínsua (Taipas - Ponte) free gymnastics activities and health screening will be promoted.

“Mulheres + Ativas” is part of a cycle of four workshops (to be held at Casa da Memória) dealing with the themes “Women + Ativas” and chronic diseases, in senior age, in adolescence and youth and in pregnancy, Gymnastics in the Park, to be promoted in the Parque da Ínsua (March 17), Lordelo (March 24) and Cidade Desportiva (March 31), and a Health Walk (April 7) in which the advantages of physical exercise will be reinforced, mobilizing all forces active in the county for a great walk that will also mark World Health Day.

The SW-UP project has as main objective to make urban and leisure spaces more friendly for the practice of sports and physical activity by women and seeks to raise awareness, both women and men, about the benefits that regular physical activity adds to health. The SWUP is based on scientific research and is based on conducting surveys, surveys, sharing experiences and good practices, with a view to presenting a final document that gathers recommendations that contribute to promoting physical activity and female participation, sensitizing sedentary women , in particular and the community in general for the health benefits of this regular physical activity.

The SW-UP project's mission is part of European policies to encourage female participation in sport and physical activity, and pays particular attention to the barriers that women face, particularly in urban environments, and with a view to making them more accessible, safe and friendly to sports.

The SW-UP Sport for Women in Urban Places, in addition to Tempo Livre and Guimarães City Hall, it has seven international partners: ALDA - Association for Local Democracy (Strasbourg, France), IRS - Instituto per la Ricerca Sociale (Milan, Italy), Comune di Corbetta (Italy), Polisportiva di Corbetta (Italy) , Municipality of Granollers (Granollers, Spain), Mulier Institutuut Centrum Voor Sociaal-Wetens (Utrecht, Netherlands), Municipiu Ramnicu Sarat (Romania) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

The project “Mulheres + Ativas” has as local partners the newspaper Mais Guimarães and the Hospital da Luz, also counting on the collaboration of a group of local entities that joined the project (Cercigui, APCG, Municipal Forum of People with Disabilities, Casa da Memory, GTEAM, Guimagym, Vitória Sport Clube, Fraterna, Sol do Ave and EIM).



WORKSHOPS (Casa de Memória. Free participation, but limited to space capacity)
- March 15 (14:30 pm): Women + Active in senior age
- March 22 (14:30 pm): Women + Active in adolescence and youth
- March 29 (14:30 pm): Women + Active in pregnancy


PARK GYMNASTICS (Gym class and free medical screening)
- March 17 (10:00 am): Parque da Ínsua
- March 24 (10:00 am): Parque de Lordelo
- March 31 (10 am): Parque da Cidade Desportiva


HEALTH WALK (Free participation)
- April 7, concentration at the Gymnastics Academy of Guimarães



81% of adolescents do not comply with the recommendations for physical activity
43% of women are inactive
23% of adults do not comply with the recommendations for physical activity
68% of people never practice sport or perform any physical exercise

• An adult should do 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of intense physical activity weekly. It is also beneficial to perform weight training exercises, two or three times a week.
• Walking or cycling are positive practices that you can and should adopt in your daily life, but physical activity also includes professional occupation (work), domestic services, games, dancing and even activities such as gardening.
• Sport and planned exercise should be done every day and, preferably, in the company of family, friends or groups in your community.
• Walking or cycling to work or school, using stairs and adopting a more active attitude in your routines contributes to combat sedentary lifestyle and inactivity.

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